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Protecting Who You Are ...... We've Got You CoveredSM


In todays world, who you are goes far beyond your name and address. Your identity theft protectionbank and credit information, social security number, and other confidential information are at the heart of your personal identity.


Creditors review it when you need to make a purchase. Employers ask for it when you apply for a new job. To you and your family, that information is sacred.


Trouble is, identity thieves see your personal identity as an invitation to fast cash and free spending.


The Javelin/Better Business Bureau survey from January 2011 showed that although there was a decrease in identity theft in 2010, there's a substantial increase in the consumer out-of-pocket cost.


In 2010, consumer out-of-pocket cost increased by 63% compared to 2009.


identity theft protectionWith SECURE I.D. From ANPACSM, we can help you protect your most important asset - YOUR IDENTITY!


Your proactive identity theft solution: SECURE I.D. From ANPACSM.


Take charge of protecting your identity with SECURE I.D. from ANPACSM, an endorsement for ANPAC® homeowners insurance. With it's zero deductible, you have fewer out-of-pocket expenses.



Proactive monitoring and education services through SECURE I.D. From ANPACSM for clients with active email accounts:


  • identy theft protection CREDIT MONITORING - Weekly electronic notification with credit alerts through major consumer reporting agencies.

  • FRAUD MONITORING - Notification of national fraud alerts.

  • CREDIT REPORT - You'll receive a comprehensive report from Equifax

  • Monthly identity theft newsletter.
  • Status updates on important legislative changes.

Plus, with SECURE I.D. From ANPACSM you'll also have these professional resolution services - and financial coverage - to help you untangle the mess and restore your identity to normal:


  • 24-hour assistance with your claim through ANPAC Five Star Claim Service® at 1-800-333-2860.
  • Systematic notification to all relevant agencies.
  • A personal resolution advocate to work with you one-on-one.
  • Instant fraud alert notification to the major consumer reporting agencies with complete review of your most recent 90-day credit file activity.
  • A victim package explaining the resolution process and offering proactive tips.
  • Comprehensive case file creation for insurance and law enforcement.
  • Full year of service, including follow-up calls, alerts, and status checks.
  • Coverage of certain related expenses, such as costs for loan reapplication, notary fees, attorney and accountant fees, and more.
  • Coverage for lost wages up to $200 per day for a maximum of 25 days or $5,000.