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ANPAC has an uncommon way for you to save money.


With an uncommon insurance company like ANPAC®, you can depend on our unique Common Cause of Loss Deductible that saves each of our customers hundreds of dollars in deductibles from a common occurrence, such as a fire, hailstorm, tornado or hurricane. With this unique money-saving feature, you pay only one deductible per occurrence regardless of the number of items of property damaged or destroyed. In the following example, you pay only $500 with ANPAC®. With other companies you could end up paying substantially more!


For comparison, here are some typical deductibles from one damaging event:


ANPAC® Other Companies
Vehicle 1 $250 Vehicle 1 $250+
Vehicle 2 $250 Vehicle 2 $250+
Boat $100 Boat $100+
House $500 House $500+
Only One Deductible $500 Total All Deductibles $1100

In addition to our Common Cause of Loss Deductible feature, ANPAC® is also proud of our quick claim response and the time our adjusters take to explain to each customer the claims process. In fact, the majority of our customers rate our claims service as excellent!

Common Cause of Loss Deductible is currently available in all states EXCEPT Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia.